Pos Malaysia using e-Consignment Note method from Aug 17

Speed matters, which is why Pos Malaysia customers will be able to use the Pos Malaysia Mobile App from Aug 17 to print out consignment notes for parcels at selected Pos Laju branches and kiosks across the country.


No more filling of manual forms with the e-Consignment Note option in the app as there is a “saved address” feature which allows you to print consignment notes with ease for up to 20 parcels.


According to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) issued by Pos Malaysia, one only has to fill out ‘Sender’, ‘Receiver and ‘Parcel’ information, then select ‘Generate QR Code’.




Then, “at the Pos Laju counter, scan the generated QR code at the printer and print out the e-Consignment Note sticker” to attach to the parcel before making a payment.


Pos Malaysia said there is also a parcel tracking benefit using your mobile phone. The Pos Laju e-Consignment Note is applicable for Pos Laju Domestic products, which includes Pos Laju Same Day Delivery (SDD) and Time Certain Service (TCS).


“Other mail and parcel products for domestic and international (delivery) will be implemented in phases,” it said.



For customers who do not have the app, Pos Malaysia said: “Get a form from our counter staff and fill-in the details. Our counter staff will help you to key-in the details in the system and print the e-Consignment Note.”


It added that insurance coverage is also available under the e-Consignment Note service.


Pos Malaysia said a cancellation can be requested as well, but on the same day and at the same outlet, subject to shipping status.



Source: BERNAMA News Agency