Despite reminders, some flood victims still refuse to evacuate

Despite calls by the authorities for flood victims to obey orders, some still refused to budge when it was time to evacuate.

This was witnessed by a middle-aged couple stranded on the upper floors of a shophouse in the Kota Tinggi town here today when they were rescued by the Civil Defence Force team.

Sarina Sulaiman, 45, said she and her husband were trapped in their shophouse when floodwaters began to rise yesterday after heavy rains since Jan 1, reaching two metres deep now.

She said there was a family consisting of three adults and a child in the shophouse next to theirs who refused to be evacuated from the building when rescue arrived.

“When the rescue team arrived that family said they did not want to be rescued because they refused to leave their home and would just wait for the water to recede in the coming days,” she told Bernama when met here today.

She said this family’s unit still had electricity and clean water supply, and this could have made them reluctant to move.

Sharing her ordeal during the flood, Sarina said her house in Taman Kuso here was already flooded on Friday, prompting them to move all their belongings to their shophouse in town but they decided to stay put at home as the water was just below the knee.

“During the night it rained non-stop, so my husband took precautions by moving the car to higher ground. As soon as dawn came we realised that we were trapped here because the flood had reached chest level,” she said.

She, however, was thankful that there was still running water from the pipes and electricity in the shophouse as floodwaters had not reached the fuse box, which enabled the couple to cook and call for help.

Meanwhile, Kota Tinggi district police chief Supt Hussin Zamora said members of the public wanting to use the services of private boats to enter the downtown area to remove goods from their premises are required to obtain police permission.

He said this is to avoid untoward incidents as the town centre is now identified as a high-risk area and also to safeguard the property in the area.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency

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