6.7 magnitude earthquake recorded in Java

JAKARTA, Jan 14 — A 6.7 magnitude earthquake shook the island of Java, Indonesia at 4.05 pm (Western Indonesia Time) on Friday, but no tsunami alert was issued.

The tremor was recorded at a depth of 10 kilometres underwater.

According to Indonesia’s Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), the quake was 52 km from Southwest Sumur-Banten and 197 km from Southwest Jakarta.

The epicentre was determined to be at coordinates 7.01 degree south latitude and 105.26 degrees east longitude.

Tremors were felt in Banten, Jakarta, West Java and Lampung at the southern tip of Sumatra Island, causing many people to flee their homes and buildings in panic.

An admin clerk, Herning Rini, was taken by surprise when the quake occured while she was doing her works at home in Depok City, West Java.

“I shut off my personal computer’s power at the control box and get into the open, away from the house. I try to maintain a rational state of mind and praying silently,” she said.

Hours later, BMKG lowered the quake magnitude to 6.6. It also generated a series of aftershocks at a magnitude of 3.7 and 3.5.

The National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) said there were no immediate reports of any loss of life.

Preliminary assessments were still in early stages but several homes were damaged in Pandeglang, Banten, BNPB spokesperson Abdul Muhari said.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency

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