‘Adik Kiss’ and ‘Long’ enjoy their daily rides on motorcycle

The close connection he has with his pets is very special for Muhammad Amir Mustapa, 29, whose jungle fowl and cat are inseparable and easy to carry anywhere on a motorcycle.

Muhammad Amir said it has become his daily routine to bring ‘Long’ which is the affectionate nickname for his jungle fowl and ‘Adik Kiss’ for his cat to go for a ride almost every day, even to Dungun, Terengganu.

He said this had also attracted the attention of road users who were excited to see them and would take pictures while some had expressed concern that his pets might fall off the bike.

“Initially, I only took Adik Kiss for the rides but eventually, when I took Long along I was pleasantly surprised to find them both so calm and didn’t move much on the motorcycle.

“Before the country was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, I had taken both of them to Dungun and during the trip, they just enjoyed the scenery and stayed put,” he said when met by reporters at his house in Kampung Cherodok, here, today.

“I have never trained both of them to be so, it was all a spontaneous action. Probably due to my close connection with Adik Kiss and Long, they don’t misbehave and seem to enjoy the ride,” said the eighth child of 11 siblings.

“Usually, I will put both of them on the back seat and sometimes on the handlebars but their favourite spot is my shoulder. I will ride at a safe speed so as not to scare them,” he said.

Muhammad Amir and his trusted pets riding the bike has gone viral on the social media site Facebook and got almost 40,000 views, besides positive responses from netizens who expressed their wonder over the extraordinary situation.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency