Glue spill: Residents advised not to use water from Sungai Bariawa, Pegalan in Keningau

KENINGAU, April 2 (Bernama) — Residents are advised not to use water from Sungai Bariawa and Sungai Pegalan here, following a glue spill that occurred due to a lorry accident at Simpang Bariawa here last night.

Keningau police chief DSP Nor Rafidah Kassim said at 11.40 pm yesterday, a trailer lorry from Kota Kinabalu heading to a plywood factory here carrying a load of glue skidded while going downhill and hit the hillside.

He said the driver was not injured, however, the accident damaged the lorry and glue spilled into a small river in Kampung Bariawa.

“Teams from the Health Department and police have monitored the scene and taken river water samples for further action. Reports have been submitted to the Department of Environment (DOE) for action.

“The public is advised not to carry out any activities in the river that is suspected to be polluted,” he said in a statement today.

Meanwhile, Keningau District Officer Walter Kenson in a separate statement asked villagers living in the Bariawa and Sungai Pegalan areas not to use the river water until it is confirmed to be safe by DOE.

He said the affected areas included Bariawa Ulu, Bariawa Tengah, Bariawa Laut, Lingkudou, Durok, Masak, and Ansip, where residents were asked to inform others living along the river to avoid using the river water.

“The chemical spill (glue) contains Phenol Formaldehyde Resin which is categorised as toxic and dangerous to consumers along the polluted river.

“If there are residents suffering from health problems due to using water from the river, they should go to the nearest hospital or medical clinic for immediate treatment,” he said.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency