Indiaspora’s 2021 Philanthropy Leaders List makes difference through giving

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 13 — Indiaspora, a nonprofit community of global Indian leaders from diverse backgrounds and professions, has released its list recognising 100 Indian and diaspora leaders who are making a difference through their giving.

“It is incredibly inspiring to see so many philanthropists from our community who have translated their success into social impact. These leaders serve as an example of the importance of generosity and remind us of the many issues that need our attention,” said Indiaspora Founder MR Rangaswami.

With guidance from nine jurors and drawing from multiple sources, including reputed studies, earlier verified lists, and publicly shared documents, Indiaspora’s 2021 Philanthropy Leaders List recognises Indian and diaspora leaders globally for their philanthropic contributions and engagement.

According to a statement, Indiaspora’s 2021 Philanthropy Leaders List includes philanthropists from India and from geographies with significant diaspora migration, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and Australia.

“Indiaspora’s Philanthropy Leaders List serves as a reminder to the diaspora to continue the important work of giving even once the crisis abates so our communities can meet future challenges,” said Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fairfax Financial Holdings and one of the honorees on the List, Prem Watsa.

The List includes names from various industries including technology, entertainment, finance, and the law, who are using their philanthropy to address issues such as access to healthcare, quality education, water and sanitation, arts and culture, food insecurity, and employability.

Indiaspora’s 2021 Philanthropy Leaders List is one of several of the organisation’s philanthropy-focused initiatives. Other initiatives include the Philanthropy Summit, an annual event that brings together nonprofits, foundations, philanthropists, and others in the social impact space to share learnings regarding Indian and diaspora philanthropy.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency