KJRI in Johor promotes vaccination among Indonesians via virtual meetings

The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (KJRI) here, holds weekly virtual meetings with its citizens to encourage them to sign up for the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme during the total lockdown period.

Its Consul General, Sunarko said through the meeting, Indonesians in the state are made aware of the importance of adhering to the standard operating procedures (SOP) set by the Malaysian government and advised to register through MySejahtera application to enable them to get the vaccine.

“For now, there is no other way for them to get the vaccine. For those who are employed, we encourage their employers to look after the welfare of their workers by registering through the application,” he said when met at his office, here today.

According to Sunarko, the majority of Indonesians in Johor are employed in the agriculture, plantation, manufacturing and construction sectors while about 2,000 others are students in higher educational institutions.

As for KJRI employees, he said the 70 staff and their family members have been given the first dose of the vaccine shot on June 14 and 15.

Meanwhile, Sunarko said several of its nationals in Johor have lost their jobs after some of the companies closed down following the COVID-19 pandemic.

“To help them survive through unemployment, KJRI has taken the initiative to provide almost 60,000 ‘Sembako’ or basic essential packs to those in need since the pandemic hit in March last year, “ he said adding that 7,272 packs were distributed after the total lockdown began on June 1.

He said the allocation, fully provided by the Indonesian government, were distributed with the help of Indonesian community associations’ representatives in all the districts.

“We expect the Sembako programme to continue until August, depending on the Malaysian government’s decision in dealing with the COVID-19 situation,” he said.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency