The Kelantan Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA) is developing the Laman Flora at Tunjong Rural Transformation Centre (RTC) here into the state’s newest agrotourism hub by December this year.

Kelantan FAMA director Wan Faizatul Aniza Ismayatim said the second phase of upgrading the Laman Flora since its establishment in 2016 was to attract more floriculturists and nursery operators and make it a reference centre for agricultural marketing.

“After its completion in December this year, visitors will surely be able to gain knowledge and experience on effective planting and marketing methods and so on, as it will serve as a reference centre to provide insight to farmers and visitors.

“As an agrotourism hub, Laman Flora will have a positive impact on Kelantan as it can not only attract more investors and entrepreneurs but also help farmers increase their crop yields,” she told reporters when met at the FAMA RTC Tunjong today.

Wan Faizatul Aniza further said that the floral garden has 85 plots, with 72 entrepreneurs cultivating different types of flowers and fruit trees, such as orchids, yams and many others.

“So far, we have 3,168 contract farmers growing different crops such as pumpkins, eggplants and cucumbers on an area of 4,331 hectares.

“Moreover, these registered contract farmers have been able to produce over 47,961 tonnes of agricultural products with an estimated value of more than RM48 million since 2007,” she said.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency