Padang Terap CITF seeks adequate vaccine supply to expedite vaccination process

The Padang Terap COVID-19 Immunisation Task Force (CITF) is seeking adequate vaccine supply from the federal government in order to speed up the vaccination process in the district.

Its director Datuk Md Shuhaime Abd Rahman said currently, the district was facing a shortage of vaccine supply which might hamper efforts to achieve herd immunity.

“If we get adequate vaccine supply, we can complete the vaccination for 49,000 eligible residents in Padang Terap by September and subsequently, return to the green zone status,” he told reporters when met today.

He said due to the vaccine supply issue, all three vaccination centres (PPV) in the district were unable to be fully utilised, let alone offer other vaccination methods such as walk-in and drive-through.

Commenting further, he said the PPV in Kuala Nerang should be able to inoculate 1,000 recipients per day, Naka PPV (600 recipients), Lubuk Merbau PPV (400 to 500 recipients) and the mobile vaccination unit (100 recipients).

“However, due to the shortage of vaccine supply, the vaccination process at the PPVs ended as early as 2.30 pm whereas they can operate until 5 pm and our mobile unit completed their task at noon.

“Therefore, if we have sufficient vaccine supply, we can optimise our resources and continue the process until evening,” he said.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency