Product shortages in Labuan related to supply chain issues – KPDNHEP

LABUAN, Feb 14 — The shortage of food products in Labuan is primarily due to issues concerning the supply chain, and not merely hoarding, Labuan Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry (KPDNHEP) director Junaidah Arbain said.

She said the duty-free island has been receiving supplies from Port Klang only twice a month since January, and this could be the main reason why there has been a shortage of goods since then.

Labuan of late has been experiencing goods shortages and fluctuating prices, including for items such as eggs, cooking oil, red chili and red onions among others.

“Shortages of consumer goods have been reported since the COVID-19 pandemic began, but what exactly is causing them is related to the supply chain.

“And based on feedback from Labuan Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the shortage of consumer goods here mainly due to the lack of shipment from Port Klang and also stricter standard operating procedures (SOP) by the Labuan Health Department,” she told Bernama today.

Junaidah said the ministry’s Labuan office would be working closely with the Labuan Veterinary Services Department to monitor the supply of eggs, mainly from Sabah, to the island.

Bernama previously reported that the egg exports to Labuan have been reduced from 500,000 eggs weekly to 500,000 monthly, mainly contributed by a drop in chicken egg production in Sabah and a host of other issues, including poultry-related diseases.

On the shortage of lamb meat and cooking oil, Junaidah said the situation is being monitored closely.

“Based on our survey, the supply of polybag cooking oil is still sufficient for local demand, as the supply comes in every second of the week of the month,” she said.

Food kiosk operator, Arifin Lee, 45, said the shortage of raw materials such as eggs, cooking oil and lamb meat has led to the temporary closure of his business.

“Shortage of daily products have become the new normal…it has to be resolved soon,” he said.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency