NA scrutinises supervision of handling voters’ petitions

National Assembly deputies are discussing the results of the supervision of the settlement of voters’ petitions sent to the 15th National Assembly (NA)’s fifth plenary session on November 20 morning, as the NA continues with the second phase of the ongoing sixth sitting.

Earlier, at the opening session of the sixth session, Chairman of the NA Ombudsman Commission Duong Thanh Binh presented the report on these results.

According to the documents, through deputies’ meetings with voters, 2,765 petitions in various fields such as labour, social welfare, health, transport, education and training, and natural resources and the environment were collected and transferred to competent agencies for settlement. To date, 2,751 of them, or 99.5%, have been handled.

In the afternoon sitting, lawmakers will discuss at hall a draft resolution on the application of additional corporate income tax in accordance with regulations to prevent global tax base erosion.

They will also listen to a report and a verification report
on value added tax reduction, and then have discussions on this issue./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency