Ajwa date tree bears fruits in Selising

Former Selising assemblyman Zulkifli Ali’s attempt to plant 10 Ajwa date trees four years ago, pays off when one of the trees started to bear fruits this year.

Interestingly, the tree is fruiting at the same time as the date trees in Medina, Saudi Arabia, now.

Speaking to Bernama, Zulkifli, 54, said he bought the seedlings from Rantau Panjang before they were planted as decorative trees at his house’s yard.

“In the first and second year, there were trees that produced fruits but all of them dropped off. This year the produce is better when eight bunches on one of the trees started fruiting and is almost ready for harvest,” he said when met at his house at Kampung Alor Hijau, today.

A Bernama check found the tree is producing a lot of fruits which attracted surrounding residents.

Based on his experience, Zulkifli is of the view that date trees can be commercialised in the country if given thorough care and sufficient fertiliser.

“The hot sunny weather is very conducive for stimulating the fruiting process and maintaining its original crisp and sweet quality.

“The date yield this year also refuted claims that date trees are not suitable to be planted in the country,” he said, adding that he is planning to donate the fruits to residents nearby while keeping some as seedlings for more date trees.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency