About Us

The Malaysian Tribune has been informing its readers regarding domestic, regional and international news for the longest period of time, and as being the most recognizable online news website, the website’s name is taken among the world’s famous online news websites that covers the happenings from the Asean region. The website consists of content that is not biased for any specific group and above all we do not have any hidden agenda and that has been taken care of since the beginning of our career in the news industry. This strategy has worked out and has given us a status of being a highly credible source of publishing news of all kinds that caters to the issues of the masses. Leveraging the latest technologies has made us able to make our news website the easiest one to use for our readers and they can easily take out backdated news as because of our highly advanced archiving system on our news website.

Fewer online news websites ponder to take measures in order to publish only authentic news and as far as the Malaysian Tribune is concerned, so it has taken measures that stick it to gather and publish the news that go through a proper verification system designed by our professional team. The long list of our news sources which are in very industry, examined on a daily basis and the sense of being checked constantly, makes our news sources provide the authentic news without adding up any useless content in it.

The website encourages cross regional trading and that is to accelerate the business activities, and for that we have come up with services such as Malaysia Press Release Service. The Malaysian Tribune believes that for keeping the world’s economy on the right track, the online news websites have to provide the opportunities for startup businesses to reach unexplored international markets, and that is what The Malaysian Tribune has been doing for many years.

Our competitors have been striving hard to compete with us as far as showing the strong presence on many social media forums are concerned, but they have not succeeded yet in this regard, because we value the comments of readers more than they do. The suggestions regarding our news website, we get by social media websites and we highly appreciate the suggestions of our readers and try to maintain the website according to them. You may get our services such as RSS News Feeds and daily email news alerts for staying informed about every news.