Malaysian army to focus on military housing — Zamrose

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 28 — The Malaysian Army (TDM) will focus on improving the well-being and welfare of its personnel through military housing.

Army chief Gen Tan Sri Zamrose Mohd Zain said TDM would focus on increasing the number of Armed Forces Family Housing so that TDM personnel could enjoy more affordable and comfortable homes.

“Currently, we have seven new housing projects that are being implemented and expected to be completed this year.

“The project to repair and build new houses for veterans will also continue to be implemented through the Jiwa Murni Project, including in Sabah and Sarawak,” said the Army chief during his guest appearance in the Ruang Bicara programme on Bernama TV tonight.

Zamrose said the move was important to boost the morale of Army personnel to continue delivering top service in defending the country’s sovereignty.

TDM has set six focal points to be implemented this year, to achieve the mandate and aspirations expressed by the highest chain of command in the Malaysian Army.

The six points of the focus are the well-being and welfare of members; increase alertness and capability; organisational structuring and organisation; empowerment of governance; improve defence diplomacy (international cooperation); and assisting the government in peacetime military operations.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency