Selangor plans holistic solution to flooding

SHAH ALAM, March 17 (Bernama) — A state executive councillor today announced plans for speedy implementation as a holistic solution to the problem of flooding in Selangor.


Izham Hashim, chairman of the Infrastructure, Public Amenities and Agriculture Modernisation and Agro-based Industry Committee, said the plans included deepening of Sungai Klang and a drainage tunnel leading out of Shah Alam.


He was speaking during the winding up of debate in the Selangor State Legislative Assembly.



Izham said the proposed project to deepen Sungai Klang would involve doubling the depth at the stretch between Kuala Lumpur and Klang, and it would cost over RM500 million.


This project could not be delayed because the river was just knee-deep in places, he said.


“We have discussed this (deepening the river) with Selangor Maritime Gateway. I will raise the matter with the Selangor Economic Action Council and seek immediate approval. The project will be undertaken by our own government-linked company,” he said.



The Selangor Maritime Gateway project involves turning Sungai Klang into a new source of economy for the state.


Izham also said that there is a proposal to build a tunnel from Shah Alam to drain water from Sungai Damansara to Tasik Ladam near Sungai Rasau in Klang.


He said there is also the need for a policy to allow retention ponds in Selangor to be partly drained as the monsoon season sets in or when there is a forecast of heavy rain.


In the Sungai Klang downstream area such as Klang, the Hybrid Off-River Augmentation System (HORAS) 3000 and other large ponds will be used to prevent flooding, he said.


“This water will then be treated for supply to the Pulau Indah area that is facing a shortage of potable water. The stored water can be used during drought,” he said.


In December last year, a tropical depression made landfall resulting in floods in eight states, including Selangor, that left 54 people dead and two missing.


The house will sit again tomorrow.




Source: BERNAMA News Agency