Vietnam takes part in solidarity festival in Belgium

Representatives from the Vietnamese Embassy in Belgium participated in the annual Manifiesta (Solidarity) Festival of the Workers’ Party of Belgium held in Ostende city from September 9-10.

Deputy Ambassador Vu Thu Thuy said that the embassy brought a set of photos, books and publications to popularise to international friends about Vietnam and its people as well as life and career of President Ho Chi Minh.

The event is an opportunity to present to friends around the world about the cause of national liberation, construction and international integration of Vietnam, she added.

The Vietnamese stall attracted a great attention of international friends, from those who have been to Vietnam, supported the country in the national liberation movements, to those who only know it through books, newspapers, and documentary films.

Manifiesta is held annually to tighten solidarity among left-wing parties and workers’ movements from all over the world. The two-day event featured hundreds of pavilions, music performances, games, and debates related to global issues, including gender equality, vulnerable groups, racial discrimination, information and technology.

Launched for the first time in 2010, Manifiesta is shaped to address pressing topics such as workplace rights of health personnel and the climate crisis, while also emphasising the significance of feminism, peace advocacy, and solidarity./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency